Adult Fitness & Weight Loss

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, all training classes and gym use have ceased and only essential Physical Therapy and Chiropractic services will be offered at this time.  If you required these essential services, please contact Dr Troy for an appointment.


Striive Core Development and Fitness Programs help athletes and non-athletes alike to reach their health and fitness goals. Our Core Development and Fitness Programs build strength and stamina through upper and lower body training with light weights and high repetitions. Our unique combination of cardio fitness, state-of-the-art resistance cables and core training increases and resets the metabolism for maximum weight loss. We use heart rate monitors to ensure each person gets maximum results while exercising safely.


People come to us with a variety of needs and goals: some for weight loss and desire to live healthier lives  Others whom compete in very physically demanding sports, and many others who  just want to achieve and maintain good health and conditioning so they can enjoy activities with their families. At Striive, our promise is to enable our clients to achieve those goals!

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