Youth Program Testimonials

San Ramon Valley North Coast Section Champions
San Ramon Valley North Coast Section Champions

“Dr. Troy’s expertise in fitness training has propelled my game to new levels for the past four years!!  His unique approach to cardiovascular, strength and speed training combined with nutritional teaching has given me “the edge over the competition” that any top athlete would welcome!!  Dr. Troy pushes his clients to be the “best they can be” with his motivating and encouraging personality.  Even the best athletes experience injuries, and Dr. Troy has been instrumental in my recovery from injuries,  utilizing chiropractic care to laser treatments, Dr. Troy helped me get back on the field.”

- Hillary Harvey – SRVHS Varsity Soccer Athlete, NCS Champion & U17 Mustangs Spirit,

Committed to San Diego State, Sept. 2009.


“ I have been so impressed with the results of my soccer players on the field from their work at STRIIVE Fitness that I have actually traded a field practice once a week to Dr. Troy and the STRIIVE Fitness program for all the girls at SRVHS in our program.  There is no substitute for what they do anywhere in the Tri-Valley to make players the best conditioned athletes they can be.”

- Mark Jones, Varsity Head Coach, San Ramon Valley High School Women’s Soccer Team