Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, all training classes and gym use have ceased and only essential Physical Therapy and Chiropractic services will be offered at this time.  If you required these essential services, please contact Dr Troy for an appointment.

Youth Sports - Training

The Striive approach to fitness is unique. We customize training to the individual athlete, taking into consideration personal strengths and weaknesses. Our sport-specific resistance training programs are designed to give teams and individuals the performance edge they need to compete at the highest levels. From youths—ages 10 and up—to professionals, we help athletes to get and maintain the competitive advantage.


Striive programs are designed to promote excellence in the three essential areas of athletic performance: Speed, strength, and endurance. In addition to sport-specific resistance training, programs include aerobic and anaerobic activity. It has been proven that this combination of training methods allows athletes to perform at their maximum levels.  




Striive takes a new, highly effective approach to speed performance through plyometric and isometric training with resistance bands. Powerful speed-training techniques force muscles and nerves to reform the neural networks and motor pathways, and condition fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers for the quickest speed possible.


Resistance bands have a unique physical property known as variable elastic potential. This means that the more a band is stretched, the greater the resistance that is applied, and the faster it will snap back. Stretching an elastic band and holding it apart with the muscles causes the acceleration factor—built into the elasticity of the band—to be transferred to the muscles. The elastic nature of muscles allows them to be conditioned to respond just like a rubber band, so they will accelerate or contract with amazing speed when stretched.




Striive programs include rigorous core circuit training to build strength and endurance. Athletes achieve maximum results through simultaneous cardio and resistance core training of the upper and lower body. Our high-rep, low-weight training programs develop endurance in muscle groups and decrease the risk of injury occurrence. Dr. Troy’s methods include the use of free weights; tubing and plyometric exercises; leg and gluteal machines; and a patented core cable system.



We also provide a variety of core-stability devices to be used during exercises. These increase balance, coordination and proprioception, and strengthen the small ligaments and muscles around the knees, ankles, shoulders, hips and lower back.



Another key component of every Striive program is “prehab,” which is a relatively new buzz word in the health and fitness industry. Performed before and during activities, “prehab” strengthens muscles and joints, and is essential for minimizing future injuries.


We encourage teams to work out together in our training center. Recognizing that there will be different training requirements for each player and position, we customize programs accordingly.


Striive is a complete resource for athletes of all levels. We also offer nutritional consultations, physical therapy and chiropractic services when required.